Hydraulic Rams


The water (or hydraulic) ram is a pump that uses water power to pump. For example, a ram placed in a river with a small water decline can pump water to higher altitudes. This water can be used for domestic use and irrigation. When fast flowing water in a pipe is stopped suddenly (by closing a valve) some of the kinetic energy of the water can be used for lifting other water. This is the priciple of a water ram. Read more »

The Philippine Water Ram

The Philippine ram is made by the organization AIDFI on Negros Island in the Philippines (led by the Dutch engineer Auke Idzenga). The ram has won several awards including the prestigious Ashden Award. The design of the Philippine ram is suitable for local construction. Read more »

The Billabong

The Billabong is designed in Australia and made of cast iron. The Billabong is a commercial product and not possible to reconstruct locally. Read more »

The Breurram

The Breurram is made of European standard materials such as kickback valves and pressure relief valves. This design is especially suitable for a demonstration model. Read more »