Hand Pumps

The Rope Pump

A rope pump consists of a PVC tube with a rope with pistons in it. The rope with pistons is dragged to the tube by a wheel made of tire pulls. The pistons pull up the water to the surface. At WOT site you can find four different rope pumps. Read more »

Piston Pumps General

Having a safe and good water supply is one of the basic needs of people living in developing countries. When water sources are in direct contact with the air they become infected with diseases easily. The use of groundwater or a closed well may be a solution. Read more »

The EMAS Pump

The EMAS pump, also known as marble pump, is a piston pump made of a PVC pipe and fittings. The pump is extremely affordable and is widely used in Bolivia as a family pump. Read more »

Wooden Hand Pump

woodenpumpPumps can be made of different materials. If there is wood available, you can consider to make a wooden pump. The advantage of wood is that it’s easy to repair, disadvantage is that it can rot. Read more »

The Metal Hand Pump

Thousands of pumps in Africa are of this metal design. The biggest disadvantage of a metal pump is the difficulty of repairation. That is why 50 to 70% of this metal hand pump isn’t working anymore. Read more »

The Farm Pump

This type of piston pump was widely used on farms. Because the piston is in the top of the pump, the pump can pump up to about 8 meters. Read more »