About the WOT

WOT volunteers drilling a well

The Working Group on Development Techniques (WOT ), is a student association at the University of Twente. It’s engaged in developing technical applications for developing countries and advice on that subject. The WOT was founded in 1969 with the objectives to transfer techologie to developing countries and awareness in the region. The WOT is a demonstration and testing terrain, a workshop, office and is in possession of a library.

The test site contains a large number of renewable energy applications, and acts as an outdoor demonstration area for a large number of visitors each year, including many from developing countries. The WOT is one of the few organizations in the Netherlands that’s actively engaged in developing technological solutions for the poorest. For many ex-members, the WOT has been a stepping stone to a career in developing countries.

Technology occupies a very important place in the life of developing countries. At present there are very few resources were devoted to improving basic water pumps, filters, putboortechnieken, etc. The WOT is helpful. The WOT also acts as knowledge, and organize the annual T-Week, an introductory engineering course for development. The quality of the course is highly regarded and recommended, inter alia by MSF.