Do you want to support the WOT and keep up to date on the activities? Then you can become a donor for a minimum amount of €25 per year. In exchange, you will receive our annual report digitally and our eternal gratitude! If you want to become a donor, please contact us.


Besides paying members and donors, the WOT also receives donations from companies, organisations and individuals. These donations include financing specific projects, like developing a windmill or organising the T-week. And sometimes general support for the WOT.

To compensate for this generosity there are a few possibilities. The WOT can give a workshop to build a simple water pump or we can give a lecture on a subject related to technology for development. Or a tour on our demonstration terrain.

Do you want to support the WOT or are you interested in an original workshop for teambuilding or a work outing? Consider contacting the WOT and we gladly discuss the possibilities.