The “Werkgroep OntwikkelingsTechnieken” (WOT) was established at the end of the sixties by a few students of the University of Twente. On January the first in 1969, the WOT became an official association. The WOT wanted to solve technical questions in a practical way for the former Committee of International Cooperation Activities (CICA). These activities formed the base for the current essence of the WOT: granting technical advice. 

WOT-member Anton Bijl rests next to a solar dryer

The changes in the fields of both specialized technology as well as development collaboration are partly determining what the WOT wants to achieve. Small scale applications of sustainable energy technology has been the most important principle for the technical services since the seventies. Besides this, the WOT wants to inform and raise awareness of these technologies. 

Throughout the years, the WOT developed into a student association , offering a wide range of activities. It also has an extensive international network in both developing as well as western countries. 

The WOT already exists over 50 years and it achieved some beautiful results: 

  • Tens of publications of specialized technology in the fields of water supply, wind and solar energy;
  • Educating hundreds of students during the T-week;
  • Raising awareness amongst students and locals, by organizing symposia, lectures, courses, tours and workshops;
  • Taking part regularly in nationwide development-activities, such as the “Afrikadag”, Full Colour Festival and information days;
  • Dealing with advice requests for small scale applications in sustainable energy and manually activated pumps for developing countries.  
  • And of course: a lot of fun!