What is the WOT?

The WOT is a student organization with a passion for technology and development. We test and design extremely affordable technologies for use in developing countries.

A water pump for €20 and €10 for an irrigation system? We develop it. Join us!

Looking for an internship for the minor Crossing Borders, your final thesis or just to gain experience in a developing country? Contact us!

Learn how to weld at the WOT! Curious? Stop by!


Newest blogs

At the end of 2020 a group of students from the TU Delft contacted the WOT because of a project they were working on for their minor. They were to work out and implement a system to provide water for a company and a community…

At the beginning of this year several irrigation systems have been tested in the vegetable garden at the WOT. The aim of this project was to find a low cost but efficient method to irrigate crops. Three systems were tested: a bought transpiring hose, a…

During the last working weekend at three and four october progress has been made with the new gearbox design test setup. This new gearbox design has a couple of unique features for windpumps which have a gearbox between the rotor and pumping rod (to slow…

Best blogs