What is the WOT?

The WOT is a student organization with a passion for technology and development. We test and design extremely affordable technologies for use in developing countries.

A water pump for €20 and €10 for an irrigation system? We develop it. Join us!

Looking for an internship for the minor Crossing Borders, your final thesis or just to gain experience in a developing country? Contact us!

Learn how to weld at the WOT! Curious? Stop by!


Newest blogs

As a duration test the plastic pump system which is currently tested at the WOT is placed under the Kjito windpump in the second half of 2020. During the last couple of weeks the pump was struggling with pumping water, only delivering during high wind…

At the end of 2020 a group of students from the TU Delft contacted the WOT because of a project they were working on for their minor. They were to work out and implement a system to provide water for a company and a community…

At the beginning of this year several irrigation systems have been tested in the vegetable garden at the WOT. The aim of this project was to find a low cost but efficient method to irrigate crops. Three systems were tested: a bought transpiring hose, a…

Best blogs