What is the WOT?

The WOT is a student organization with a passion for technology and development. We test and design extremely affordable technologies for use in developing countries.

A water pump for €20 and €10 for an irrigation system? We develop it. Join us!

Looking for an internship for the minor Crossing Borders, your final thesis or just to gain experience in a developing country? Contact us!

Learn how to weld at the WOT! Curious? Stop by!


Newest blogs

Several weeks ago, just before the wot had to close due to the effects of the coronavirus, a working weekend was held. A lot of people were present, a lot of work has been done and the atmosphere was great.  A new method of airlift drilling…

A new experiment with airlift drilling is performed at the WOT. A motor of a petrol auger was used to drive the drill stem of the airlift drilling method. This produced a continuous rotational movement, so two couplings were required. One for the outlet of…

The WOT has years of experience with manual well drilling with the Baptist- and EMAS method. Both methods require tools that can easily be manufactured in a workshop with readily available materials. De drilling sets can be made in a simple workshop with an angle…

Best blogs