Innovative freewheel clutch for rope pumps

A directional brake

A directional brake

Since we already installed a number of rope pumps in the Netherlands, we were looking for a safety brake that is reliable and stultifies the appearance of the rope pump not too much. As users of rope pumps know, the wheel and handle swing back firmly when they stop pumping. In developing countries the user gets instructions to use the hook to prevent turning back of the handle. For public places where anyone can use the pump, the blocking hook will not be used and there is a chance of injuring the user.

Therefore, we searched for an automatic device that prevents the reversal movement.

We have already been experimenting with a kind of rattle that inserts in the spokes of the wheel. Tests showed that the forces were too high resulting in bending the rattle pin. Another solution might be a band brake. This is also tested. These solutions do not look very pretty and they are susceptible to vandalism. Also, the braking power is not sufficient and reliable enough. A third type of a one-way brake with a nail into a wedge-shaped space in the bearing bushing gave good results. Better than expected. The video below shows the principle operation, construction, and testing of the one-way brake.

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  1. annan edwin says:

    i am Ghana and i am a rope pump producer.this freewheel-crutch interest me and i will like to know how it is made and how it works.i have produce rope pumps for the past ten years.
    i will also like to have the drawing and instructions of the extruder in English.
    thank you.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Edwin,

    good to hear from you. We met when I was in Ghana in 2008. The freewheel clutch is basically a nail in the pipe that holds the handle of the pump. Part of this pipe is formed like a wedge and when the handle is turned towards the narrow end of the wedge, the nail will get stuck and the handle can not turn in that direction. Please look at page 11 and 12 of the construction manual on this site for details:
    I will get the manual of the extruder translated and send it to you by mail. Regards, Anton

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