One of the activities of the WOT is to disseminate knowledge and technology for sustainable development. The WOT organizes different courses and workshops, and regularly participates in events.


The T-week is a week technical course for development. The T-week is designed for people without technical backgrounds who are planning to go to a developing country. Example, as a tropical doctor to work, or internship or other work to do.
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Course renewable energy

The course renewable energy gives an overview of small scale renewable energy applications in developing countries. The course consists of five lectures and a practical course. Energy from sun, water, wind and biomass, and bid, plus a lecture on the relationship between sustainable energy and poverty. Read more »


Under the Act, regularly gives lectures on the theme of technology and development. This may involve the use of small-scale renewable energy, innovative water supply, or the role of technology in development. Lectures are organized on request.
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Technical Workshops

During technical workshops, specific knowledge and skills transferred, under more about making solar collectors, pumps, rope pumps and EMAS. Also provides the WOT lasles for students. Technical workshops will be organized on request.
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Educational workshops

During the instructional workshops in the WOT are students of primary and high school in touch with technology and the role of technology in developing countries. An educational workshop typically consists of a tour of the demonstration site in the workshop and the students learn to make simple water pumps. Educational workshops will be organized on request. Read more »


Under the Act, regularly participates in events in the Netherlands and the region. The goal is to let people know the work of the WOT, and to create more awareness of the important role that technology plays in improving the living conditions in developing countries. Especially the different pumps are very popular among children. The WOT is regularly involved in the Four Marches Fair in Enschede, the Africa Day in Utrecht, the introduction period for the University of Twente, Saxion Hogeschool Enschede, the Africa Festival in Hertford, and the Full Colour Festival in Emmen. Read more »