Test Field

The WOT has a test field on the campus of the University of Twente. Here you can find a large number of technologies in solar, wind and water demonstrated. Windmills, a solar hot water system, the water ram pump and many more, come and have a look! Please contact us to make an appointment, or visit us on one of our Open Days.

For construction manuals visit our publication page.

Solar Energy

With solar energy you can do more than you think! Solar panels that generate electricity, a solar-powered dryer, two solar hot water systems, a solar cooking box and a parabolic cooker. Read more »

Wind Energy

Windmills have been used for thousands of years for pumping water. On the WOT site we’ve got wooden windmills, metal windmills, windmills that generate electicity, water pumping windmills and a pump test rig. Read more »

Water Supply

What’s the best way to pump water to the surface? On the WOT site we’ve got metal and wooden hand pumps, EMAS Pump, three water ram pumps, a collection of rope pumps and a high pump test rig. Read more »

Workshop the Kiwanda

The workshop of the WOT is called ‘Kiwanda’, this is Swahili for ‘Workshop’. The building is designed according to the passive solar energy principle. This ensures the building stays warm in the winter and cool in summer. The workshop has a large number of special homemade tools. Read more »