Water Supply

For publications regarding water supply, see the water supply publications.

Hand Pumps

The WOT is owner of a large collection hand pumps which can pump water to the surface. We’ve got metal and wooden pumps, an authentic farmhouse pump, several rope pumps and a EMAS pump. We are also in possession of a 12 meter high pump test rig to examine the durability of a pump. Read more »

Hydraulic Ram

A hydraulic ram is a cyclic water pump powered by hydropower. The energy of water with a height difference, like a river, is used to pump small amouts of water tohigh altitudes. This water pump is running without electricity and fuel. Read more »

Water Storage

Sometimes a windmill will provide water while it’s not needed, and sometimes water is required when there is no wind.. Therefore it is often necessary to store water. This can be done with ferro-cement tanks. Read more »

Pump Test Rig

The WOT has built a pump test rig 12 meters in height, which can be used to test piston pumps (for handpumps and windpumps) and rope pumps under realistic conditions. An electric motor keeps a large wheel in motion, which drives a piston pump in a similar way a windpump would. Another motor drives the wheel of a rope pump.
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