Wind Energy


A windmill consists of a tower, head, tail and rotor. The windmill converts wind energy into mechanical or electrical energy by means of a rotor which consist of blades or sails.  Read more »

Cretan Windmill

The Crete is a wooden water pumping windmill. Since the first construction in 1976 this windmill has proved to be very reliable. The rotor type still can be found in Greece. When the wind is too powerfull the sails can be reduced in size. Read more »

The Virya

The Virya is an electricity-generating windmill with three blades and an excentric storm security. The top of the slender tower has a height of 12 meter. Read more »

The Diever

The Diever is a water pumping windmill with a rotor diameter of 4.5 meter. On the WOT site this windmill is located close to the street, thereby is has become a known object at the University campus. The Diever designed and constructed by the WOT. Read more »

The Oasis

The Oasis is a small French water pumping windmill, which is used a lot in Algeria. Unlike windmills made by the WOT the Oasis has a storm security by a vane on the side, which is technically (unnecessarily) complex. Read more »

The Kijito

The Kijito is a water pumping windmill. The Intermediate Technology Group in England had developed this windmill for use in Kenya. It is a very robust windmill but therefore also quite expensive. Read more »

The 4-Blade Windmill

The 4-blade is a small, easy to transport and relatively inexpensive windmill. It has a very light construction. Read more »