Solar Energy

The sun is a free and inexhaustible source of energy. On earth we can use this energy to heat water and air, dry plant material and generate electricity. The WOT is concerned in building and testing different devices that use solar energy.

Cooking with solar energy

In areas where firewood or charcoal become increasingly scarce, cooking with solar energy can be the solution. Read more about parabolic cookers, solar cooking boxes and hay boxes here. Read more »

Water Heating

Around the world sunlight is being used to heat water through solar collectors. It’s surprisingly easy to make a professional working hot-water system using simple resources. Read more »

Solar Dryer

Many farmers must dry their crops in order to finish their products. If farmers can dry their own crops, they can make more money on their products. Solar dryers are particularly suitable for this purpose. Read more »

PV systems

PV panels convert sunlight into electricity, which can be used for lighting, charging mobile phones, powering water pumps and so on. Read more »