PV systems

PV panels attached to the solar shower

Generating electricity using solar radiation occurs in so-called photovoltaic cells (PV cells). The working principle of a PV cell is fairly complicated and especially the production process is expensive high-tech. Therefore, the cells cannot be manufactured locally in developing countries.

The individual cells (10 x 10 cm) may be assembled into complete panels (50 x 100 cm) in developing countries. Also, necessary accessories including charge control, wiring, and the frame can be manufactured locally.

The solar shower at our demonstration terrain has a small PV system attached to it. The panels provide lighting in the shower building. On the Kiwanda roof there are four panels attached in pairs. Two of which power a pump that provides a 1000 liter tank on the attic with water from the ferro-cement tank outside. The water from this tank is used to flush the toilet. The WOT does not research PV systems but can provide limited advice.