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Upcoming activities @ WOT

Sunday, September 11th, 2016 No Comments

Feel like learning something beyond your current study program? Want to use your hands and learn something about technology for developing countries? Our activities and courses might be just the thing for you!

All activities will be free admission for WOT members. If you do not want to become a member just yet, you can also sign up for participation through our contact form. Check the google calendar app on the homepage for up-to-date starting times for activities. It’s no problem if you need to come later than the listed starting time though!

When? What? What??
14 september Info night Introduction and a tour of the terrain, as well as free dinner and fun at the campfire!
22 september Masonry workshop Learn how to stack bricks while we work on our shed!
24+25 september Survivalweekend We camp out on the WOT field while a professional instructor teaches you how to survive in the bush.
29 september Bike repair workshop Learn how to fix your bike using spare parts. Make sure to bring your own bike if you’re have any problems with it! Otherwise, we’ll have some busted bikes for you to exercise with.
6 october Advanced metalworking course This course will be teaching you the basics of milling and turning with our own mill and lathe in the WOT workshop. If you’d like to learn how to weld, you can also sign up for an individual welding course.
15+16 october Project weekend Various odd jobs and DIY projects will be tackled during this weekend of hard labour and great fun! We need all the help we can get!