Intro activities 2023

The WOT is hosting introduction activities every Wednesday and Thursday throughout the month of September.
Yes, that is a lot of intro activities.
The intro activities are easy to follow and well prepared, you need no prior knowledge and can come by to have a look what the WOT is all about. Interested? Use the signup form below to let us know that you are coming and to join the free dinner (If you so wish).

The evening starts at about 17:45 and we have dinner together (which you can join), or come by later in the night for the activity, to help with a project or to join us around the campfire.

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Wednesday the 6th of September
Terrain tour and marblepump workshop.
This Wednesday we will be giving tours of our terrain, multiple members will be walking around to explain what each contraption or building is and answer any questions you might have.|

After the tours (and dinner) we will be starting construction on marble pumps, each course taker can make their own marblepump and take it home with them afterwards.
Here (Dutch, English) is the manual we will be following, but you don’t need to prepare anything.

Thursday the 7th of September
Lecture on well drilling.
We will host a lecture on well drilling, and in particular manual well drilling. Different techniques and concepts will be introduced and discussed and of course there will be time for all your questions.

Wednesday the 13th of September
EMAS drilling!
Today we will put some of the learned theory in practice. (or give you a very quick catch up course if you missed last Thursday)
We will be drilling a well by hand using the EMAS method, last year we got to 6,5 meters. Will we be able to beat that?

Thursday the 14th of September
Fix your bike for free, (repareer je fiets voor niets)
This night you will get the chance to fix your own bicycle! we will provide parts and expertise to help you (within reason), you bring a bicycle and your unbridled enthusiasm.

Wednesday the 20st of September
Workshop course
We will be giving a workshop course, you can get experience with different techniques like welding, grinding, cutting, reading technical drawings etc.

Thursday the 21th of September
Working on “the Diever” the Diever
Today we will be working on WOT projects, one of which is our big steel windmill at the front of the terrain: the Diever.
If the weather allows us we will be repairing the tail.

Wednesday the 27th of September
Working on “the Diever” the Diever
Continuing work on projects.

Thursday the 28th of September
Working on “the Diever” the Diever
Continuing work on projects.

Please sign up for an activity if you are interested, it is always possible to withdraw but this helps us estimate how many people (and thus food and materials) to expect.
Signing up can be done here.


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