Plastic pump system and Wind-pump

In 2018 the WOT got a request to test a water pump which can be used under wind pumps and as hand pump. The system is developed by a South African farmer who wanted to develop a system which can easily be installed and fixed.
The big difference with this system is that it almost completly made of plastic which doesn’t corrode or reacts with the minerals in the ground.

In the winter of 2019-2020 one of our WOT members went to South Africa (Free State) to design a rotor for a windpump which can be used for this plastic pump. A gearbox is required for the windpump due to the deep boreholes in South Africa and the long stroke required.

Plastic pump

Plastic pump under Kijito

posted on 17th of February 2021

A problem occured during the endurance test of the plastic system under the Kijito windpump.


Windpump gearbox
posted on the 12th of October 2020
A start is made with the manufacturing of a test setup to test a new gearbox design for a wind pump which makes use of a steel cable instead of a rigid connection between the rotor and pump rod.