Current Projects

On this page you can see the projects that are currently carried out at the WOT. The projects differ from maintenance of the different wind pumps to development of new products and techniques

— this page is under construction —

Plastic pump system and wind-pump
In 2018 the WOT got a request to test a water pump which can be used under wind pumps and as hand pump. The system is developed by a South African farmer who wanted to develop a system which can easily be installed and fixed……
last update on the 14th of october 2020
Cretan wind pump
In 2016 it was decided that the Cretan wind pump needs renovation, rotten pieces had to be removed. However, this turned out to be a much bigger project than expected…..
last update on the 16th of may 2020
Vegetable garden
In the vegetable garden we can grow some vegetables. But even more important, we can develop different techniques for watering the crops. The ferrocement tank next to the garden will provide water for this purpose which is filled with the rainwater from the roof.
last update on the 6th of may 2020
Air drilling
The WOT has years of experience with manual well drilling
with the Baptist- and EMAS method. Since 2019 the wot has been working on another method, which uses compressed air to pump around the drilling fluid.
last update on the 6th of April 2020