Air drilling

The WOT has years of experience with manual well drilling with the Baptist- and EMAS method. Both methods require tools that can easily be manufactured in a workshop with readily available materials. De drilling sets can be made in a simple workshop with an angle grinder and a stick welder. Because of this, the methods can be used in remote areas. Since 2019 the wot has been working on another method, which uses compressed air to pump around the drilling fluid.

Motorised drilling
posted on the 6th of April 2020
A new experiment with airlift drilling is performed at the WOT. A motor of a petrol auger was used to drive the drill stem of the airlift drilling method. This produced a continuous rotational movement, so two couplings were required.
Air drilling with compressed air
posted on the 22nd of february 2020
This method uses an airconditioning compressor. The hose from the compressor enters the drilling pipe 40 cm above the drill. The air that is injected decreases the average density of the mixture in the drilling pipe…….