Instructional video Breurram

The Breurram is a type of waterram pump that was developed by a WOT volunteer in the 90s. There already is an elaborate manual on how it works and how to build one. In addition to this we decided to make an instructional video about this great pump.

The video shows the pump in action, it explains how it works exactly and a timelapse of the assembly process is made. Also the yield of the pump at different heights is shown.

For more information about the Breurram please go to this page. The manual you can find here in multiple languages.

6 Responses to “Instructional video Breurram”

  1. Hanny Fiselier says:

    Great instructional video!

    Gert Breur en Hanny Fiselier

  2. Michael Mwangi says:

    Im interested, how can I get one, in Kenya

  3. admin says:

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for reaching out! We do not sell this pump but you can build your own. Besides the video we also have a written manual. You may be able to get the components at a large hardware store.
    If you decide to build one, please let us know. For us it is interesting to know and we can help you if you have any questions.

  4. Gary Smith says:

    Love what you guys are doing, this is a brilliant design. Congratulations

  5. Robert Hodge says:

    I Need to know how tobuild these.

  6. Mark Seghers says:

    Hi. I have a fast moving stream and would like to pump the water about 11 feet (3 meters or so) over a berm. Can the flow of the stream supply the pump adequately to ram the water above that berm? Is it possible to perhaps funnel the stream water into the pump?

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