WOT windmill build in Nepal

WOT windmolen in Nepal

WOT windmill in Nepal

The WOT Diever 450 windmill is being constructed in Biratnagar (Nepal). Students from Pulchowk Engineering Campus are building the windmill for local farmers, who use it for irrigation. Besides the windmill, students have developed a Hybrid Solar Dryer that can be kept warm by wood if there’s lack of sun.

Katrin Shrestha and Brecht Mommen from Nepal visited the WOT last week. They showed us a film about running projects in Nepal. You can watch several projects too; have a look at the website of Clean Energy and Learning Centre .

Brecht en Katrin bij een touwpomp in aanbouw

Brecht and Katrin at a rope pump under construction

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  1. Chris Vos says:

    Was eigenlijk op zoek naar kijito.

    Ter info: 12PU500 moet zijn Diever 450 (met schuine staart)

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