Installation of rope pump in New Rotsoord, Utrecht

On Sunday, January 23rd, Freddy and Rene went to Utrecht to install a rope pump at the patting zoo ‘New Rotsoord’. This pump is the very first sample of a new design: the pump has a single support instead of a whole frame. As a result, the material costs drop 20 percent and the design becomes simpler.
The construction of the pump was done in Enschede. The only thing necessary at Nieuw Rotsoord, was the installation of the pump.

The pump is placed in a concrete foundation next to a 6-meter deep well. The intention is to let the volunteers of Rotsoord make a drive gear based on a bicycle.

Once we receive a picture we will definitely post here.

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  1. Altaf Sumra says:

    sir please sand me details of the pump so i can make my own pump here in East Africa Tanzania

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