Training & Education

Demo Pump for Educational Purposes

Author: Freddy Alferink et al, Year of Publication: 2010, Language: Dutch

Demonstration version of the ball pump. This is used for educational purposes. (PDF dutch, PDF english)

Course Collection Renewable Energy in Developing Countries 2003

Author: Ferdinand Kroon, Rink Glazema, Patrick Diepenbroek, Bram acid, Year of Publication: 2003, Language: Dutch

Course collection renewable energy. (PDFs: Hydro Wind , Solar Energy )

Symposium Report “Business in Development”

Author: F. Kroon et al, Year of Publication: 2003, Language: English

Wim Hardeman – Centre de Technique Garoua (CTG); Rob Schuurman – Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC); Kevin Offel – General Electric Elfun Volunteers (GE-Elfun); Working Group on Development Techniques (WOT); Monsoon; P.I.T.S. ( PDF )