Other Applications

How to make a Tippy Tap

Author: Mark Tiele Westra, Year of Publication: 2008, Language: English

Construction manual of a Tippy Tap (PDF)

Biogas Plants in Developing Countries

Author: Ferdinand Crown, Year of Publication: 2006, Language: Dutch

Biogas plants in developing countries. (PDF)

What to do with cow dung in developing countries

Author: Ferdinand Kroon, Year of Publication: 2004, Language: Dutch

Composting, biogas plants and how to use cow dung as fuel. (PDF)

The WOT site: a testing field for small scale renewable energy applications

Author: H. Engbers et al, Year of Publication: 2002, Language: English, Dutch

An overview of the WOT demonstration site. (PDF)

Solar Energy, small scale applications in developing countries.

Author: P. Vanderhulst et al, Year of Publication: 1990, Language: English

Drying and cooking with the sun, hot water and PV panels. (PDF)