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The WOT is a student organization with a passion for technology and development. We test and design extremely affordable technologies for use in developing countries.

A water pump for 20 Euros and 10 Euros for an irrigation system? We develop it. Join us!

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In light of the recent construction of a Diever windmill in South Africa, we have decided to publish a new Technical Report to describe recent developments and provide suggestions for further improvements. The TR2018 serves at once as a construction guide and as a comprehensive…

For some time now the wooden pump frame has been in a bad condition. Due to this pumping was not possible anymore. After a long time of lying around, this summer the components of the pump were dusted off and the renovation was a fact….

Introduction evening Wednesday 12-9-2018 Tour and dinner on our terrain at 18:00 with afterwards a drink. To join dinner please e-mail wot@utwente.nl before 16:00. Project evening Wednesday 19-9-2018 Presentation about the current projects at the WOT. Presentation WOT-member Wednesday 26-9-2018 WOT-member Hilbert-Jan will be speaking…


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