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The WOT is a student organization with a passion for technology and development. We test and design extremely affordable technologies for use in developing countries.

A water pump for 20 Euros and 10 Euros for an irrigation system? We develop it. Join us!

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Hi all, in quartile 2 we will again have many nice & interesting activities at WOT; especially on Thursday night but also over the weekends. Look below! When? What? What?? 17 november Arduino intro Learn how to wire up and program the Arduino microcontroller. We…

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ontmantelen diever

Feel like learning something beyond your current study program? Want to use your hands and learn something about technology for developing countries? Our activities and courses might be just the thing for you! All activities will be free admission for WOT members. If you do…

A directional brake

Since we already installed a number of rope pumps in the Netherlands, we were looking for a safety brake that is reliable and stultify the appearance of the rope pump not too much. As users rope pumps knows, the wheel and handle swings back firmly…


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