Solar shower (small)

Over the periode of 2019-2020 the small solar shower at the WOT is rebuild. The solar shower is a one person or very cosy two person shower where the solar collector heats and stores the hot water. Combined with cold water from the tap you have a nice comfy shower. Read below the different blog posts about this project:

Building the shower cubicle
Posted on 16th of May 2020
Now that the solar collector of the outdoor solar shower has been renewed, the rickety shower cubicle could not be left behind. This was made clear on a stormy day when half of the stall was blown apart. The working weekend was therefore a good time to pick up this project thoroughly.

The concrete foundation, in which a drain pipe was poured….

New solar collector
Posted on 13th of November 2019
It was no longer operational and started to deteriorate further: the solar collector made of beer bottles, garden hose, and PVC. During tours, it was quickly passed by, so we had to do something about it. Nothing was reusable from the old collector, so it was decided to use the renovation as an excuse to increase the capacity. Two glass plates of the same width (85 cm) were found in storage, which together had a length of 210 cm. So that had to be the new…..