The Diever

The Diever windmill

The Diever on the WOT site is a third version of our own windmill design. The original idea behind building this windmill was to gain experience in designing, building, testing and improving windmills.

The Diever is called a PU 18 450. This implies the rotor has 18 blades and a diameter of 4.5 meters. PU stands for Pump Unit. So everyone around the world knows what kind of windmill is meant. The mill consists almost entirely of steel, only the rotor shaft has wooden bearings. The maximum power is about one kilowatt. The Diever can pump two and a half liter of water per second (low wind speed). This is approximately 150 liters per minute.
The name of the mill is taken from Appie Diever, who was intensively involved with the WOT, for decades.

Check out our Technical Report Diever 450
(PDF) and other water supply publications.