WOT activities quartile 2

Hi all, in quartile 2 we will again have many nice & interesting activities at WOT; especially on Thursday night but also over the weekends. Look below!

When? What? What??
17 november Arduino intro Learn how to wire up and program the Arduino microcontroller. We use these quite a lot for monitoring of prototype systems. No experience required!
26 november Excursion Essen & Wueppertal Visit to old industrial legacy sites in Germany, a coal mine and a train system among other thinsg.
1 december Intro car & engine inner workings Learn how cars operate and how to fix them!
15 december Windenergy lecture Wind energy consultant and WOT-member Marcel van Duijvendijk will give a lecture about the design of windmills. Both modern electricity-generating windmills and water-pumping windmills will be discussed.
11 januari New year’s drink Come and celebrate the new year!
19 januari Internet of Things workshop Connect up to the LoRa netwerk and learn how this new technology might be applied in developing countries.
3 februari Bowling Come and relax after the exam week with a nice round of bowling!

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